What's covered?

  • Check ups 

    Simply Health will pay up to 100% of the cost of check-ups, including examinations or investigations and x-rays

  • Scale and polish

    You get up to 75% of your money back for the cost of a scale and polish performed by a dental clinician

  • Treatment

    Simply Health  will pay 50% of the cost of dental treatment including crowns, bridges, fillings and dentures as well as for anaesthetic fees, laboratory fees and dental technician fees (up to your annual limits apply

  • Dental accident cover

    You can claim 100% of the cost of treatment required if your teeth are damaged in an accident, providing treatment is sought within 30 days

  • Dental emergency visit

    If you are in severe pain or need to see a dentist urgently you can claim back 100% of the cost of treatment and emergency call-out fees

  • Dental hospital cover. Simply Health will pay you £50 each day or night, up to a maximum of 20 days or nights each claiming year, if you are admitted to an NHS hospital for dental treatment, following a referral

  • Mouth cancer cover

    If you are diagnosed with primary mouth cancer by a specialist you will receive a one-off payment of £5000 to help you at this difficult time

  • Worldwide cover



To join or request any further information, terms and conditions, please ring us on 0191 232 4233.